One of the main directions of our company is to provide outsourcing services for custom software development. As part of this work offers a full cycle of development and implementation of software

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    Requirements gathering and analysis

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    Development of technical specifications

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    Modeling and description of business processes and data flows

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    Development of the architecture of the proposed solution

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    Development of software solutions

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    Create a package of accompanying documentation

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    Implementation of the developed solution

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    Customer training

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    Maintenance , support and development of the set of solutions

Project management

Organization of the process of project management allows our clients to obtain complete visibility and control over the development of the project at all stages.
Depending on the goals, objectives and modalities of implementation of the project, we can offer our customers the use of certain methods of project management:

AgileAgile, is a group of software development methods in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change.
An iterative approachAn Iterative approach, works in parallel with a continuous analysis of the results and the adjustment of the previous stages of work.
RUP (Rational Unified Process)RUP (Rational Unified Process), is an iterative software development process framework created by the Rational Software Corporation, a division of IBM since 2003. RUP is not a single concrete prescriptive process, but rather an adaptable process framework, intended to be tailored by the development organizations and software project teams that will select the elements of the process that are appropriate for their needs.
V-modelV-model, represents a software development process (also applicable to hardware development) which may be considered an extension of the waterfall model. Instead of moving down in a linear way, the process steps are bent upwards after the coding phase, to form the typical V shape.

Requirements management - the key to a successful project launch

One reason for our success is the organization of effective requirements management. This allows you to achieve maximum effect in the cost, timing and results according to the customer's expectations.

As part of the requirements taken into account:

As part of the development and formalization of requirements our experts use a variety of tools to allow for modeling of business processes, data flows, visualization and prototyping interface and architectural solutions and much more.

Project management

For effective project management, ensuring transparency of the project team by our experts in the project are being identified and planning the key milestones of the project milestones delivery to the customer interim results, as well as the necessary planning is done on the project of human and material resources, the planning of the test product under development, management project Risk.

To ensure the most effective communication process with the customer we practiced periodic meetings and consultations with senior professionals responsible representatives of the customer.

If necessary, we can ensure the constant presence of our specialists on the customer side.

Quality of services and processes of the company

All work within the framework of its activities made by our specialists using the most advanced processes and techniques, which in turn ensures high quality final product.