The development of software and maintenance documentation

LLC "ITTAS" offers services to develop a complete set of software, operating software and other documentation, software and hardware protection of information required for certification tests and tests within the public examination.

1. Policy documents information security tools, software, information systems in accordance with GOST 19, 34 series.

2. Targets security means protecting information and information systems.

3. Documents regulating guaranteeing the security requirements defined in the Security Target in accordance with the level of warranty evaluation.

4. Initial data for the certification of information security system according to the list of source data submitted by the applicant on the attested system of protection of the information contained in Appendix 2 to the Regulations on the procedure for certification of information security systems of information systems for information processing, distribution and (or) distribution of which is restricted, not classified as a state secret, approved by Order of Operations and Analysis Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus from 30.08.2013 №62.

5. The documents according to the list of documents submitted for testing software on the absence of undeclared capabilities in it in accordance with Appendix D TKP 296-2013 "machine gaming. The order of testing, examination and technical examination."