Выполняемые в испытательной лаборатории работы

Evaluation of security job


Certification tests

protection of information on the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Republic of Belarus "Information technology. Information security tools. Information Security "(TR 2013/027/BY), including:

1. Cryptographic information protection on the interrelated requirements of state standards in accordance with the scope of accreditation of test laboratory.

2. Software, hardware and software data protection requirements of the Security Target.

3. Software protection against malware and anti-virus software on the requirements of STB 34.101.8-2006.


Testing under the state expertise

1. Cryptographic information protection requirements for cryptographic protection of information that the technical regulations of the Republic of Belarus is not installed.

2. Software model of the gaming machine in the absence of undeclared capabilities.

3. Special computer systems used in the conduct of electronic interactive games on the subject of data protection from unauthorized access.

4. Software, firmware, hardware used in the lottery for protection against unauthorized access, modification, copying, theft, destruction of information and other similar actions.


Assessment of the implementation of cryptographic operations

CIPF performed, the management of cryptographic keys CPS data, as well as the complex security tools CIPF in actual use of information systems (including correctness of their integration and application) for certification of information security systems.