From September in Belarus will be put total control over IP-telephony

From the 18th of September this year in Belarus entered full control of IP-telephony. Under the new rules, operators will be required to identify IP-telephony traffic and block it in case of violation of the order of admission. This is stated in the document entitled "Regulations on the order of a system to counter violations of traffic transmission in the telecommunications networks," posted on the state legal portal.

Regulation regulates the work on combating infringements skip communications systems, as well as the introduction of hardware complex necessary for detection and blocking of such violations. The complex includes a list of phone numbers-offenders registry software and hardware used to skip and / or termination of traffic on IP-based telephony, as well as a list of supplies the IP-addresses. Creation and implementation of the complex will RUE "National Centre for Traffic Exchange" (NCET).

In case of violations and "suspicious behavior" subscriber numbers will be included in the register. Suspicious behavior will be determined by the operators on the basis of practice to counter violations of traffic transmission. Then, the information is forwarded NCET, and when it is subjected to confirmation of the subscriber number blocking.

The position tightens the work of dealers / agents of telecommunications operators and requires such companies to collect personal data of employees involved in the sale of subscriber numbers. In addition, companies will need to identify the subscriber, by means of photo and video fixation and store data for six months.