Software development and creation of information systems

ITTAS company develops software and hardware and software solutions. We have hands-on experience in areas such as electronic lottery and gambling (including casinos), as well as instrumentation and communications systems, automation of enterprises. We have practical experience in both the development of products and systems for the needs of the customer, and to develop and promote their own products.

  • instrumentation
  • factory automation
  • electronic lottery
  • community
  • gambling industry

We are ready to work with clients from all points of the globe

At present, our company has been operating in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. In the near future the development of markets in Europe and the United States.

Requirements management - the key to a successful project launch

One reason for our success is the organization of effective requirements management. This allows you to achieve maximum effect in the cost, timing and results according to the customer's expectations.

As part of the requirements taken into account:

As part of the development and formalization of requirements our experts use a variety of tools to allow for modeling of business processes, data flows, visualization and prototyping interface and architectural solutions and much more.

Process management - the key to successful development of the project

Our company pays great attention to the processes of software development. For effective implementation of the project, we use the following set of measures:

Depending on the task, the duration of the project, the preferences of the customer we are ready to consider and offer its customers a variety of models and options for cooperation

Under this variant of cooperation after the analysis is made of the final project development cost and schedule of work.

This model is effective if clearly defined project requirements. Project parameters, the timing of the product and its final cost fixed and can only be changed within a pre-agreed procedures.

Under this option Customer pays for the actual time of our employees in accordance with pre-agreed hourly rates of our specialists. Under this type of cooperation allowed significant changes Customer functional and project requirements.

In the case of long-term cooperation, if necessary, we are ready to provide the customer with the opportunity to participate in the process of building a team of project development. The Customer is able to determine the required size of the team and the involvement / output of various experts on pre-negotiated terms.